Gloria was born in Cañas Gordas, a small town in Antioquia, Colombia. She have a daughter and together they sew the piece you bought from us. She have four years working with us and is one the firsts persons that started working with us from the first days of Arrecife. At the beginning she only sew women's swimsuits because she only had three sew machines by that time. Now, she have more than six and sew a bunch of products for the brand.

Gloria's big dream is to have a house for her and her daughter and she is saving money to achieve that dream in a near future, but, her long term dream is to have a big company with a lot of sew machines to help the most houseold mothers she can.

"...I have only one daughter and sometimes is so hard for me, I can't imagine how other mothers do with more than one child and doesn't have a job; so, I want they to say: I'm going to work at Gloria's company, that's my big dream..."

Gloria finds happiness in having her family by her side and the opportunity to work with Arrecife. During her free time, she enjoys going cycling with her daughter and they also hit the gym together. 

Her life's project is one of her greatest motivations, and she aspires to fulfill her dream of establishing a large clothing company that can provide employment opportunities for many single mothers. Another source of motivation for her is her daughter, Yeidy. Gloria envisions her daughter becoming a professional who can explore the world and help her achieve all her dreams, including owning a home for the two of them. 

One memorable story involving Gloria and Arrecife is when her daughter gained admission to university but didn't have a computer for her studies. This happened during the Covid-19 pandemic, and considering that all classes would be held online, it would have been very challenging for her daughter to study. Arrecife was able to provide them with a computer, allowing Yeidy to start her studies and continue supporting the life project of both mother and daughter.

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