The women's swimsuit: 200 years of fashion, revolution and appropriation as a cultural identity.

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As in a premonition of more than 1,800 years ago from the Villa of Casale in Rome, where a mosaic fragment painted 10 women playing while wearing two-piece suits very similar to contemporary bikinis, today we show you how women's swimwear has changed throughout history.

1822: The first women's bathing suit

Swimsuits were born out of the love of swimming in the sea of King George III of England in the 18th century, and it was not until 1822 that the first official swimsuit for women was created; Mary Caroline of Naples and Sicily, Duchess of Berry and daughter-in-law of King Charles X, was the first woman to swim in the sea for fun.

First women's swimsuits

1920: Tighter-fitting swimsuits with visible legs and arms

In 1920 bathing suits became normalized and began to be seen as a fashion element, women wore suits that exposed their arms and part of their legs, some of them wore socks like complement. They were made of wool. As a curious fact, the police had "measurers" of bathing suits, to ensure that the maximum length allowed was respected, it was not allowed to be seen more than 15 centimeters of thigh.

First women's swimsuits

1946: Welcome to the modern bikini

Micheline Bernardini, a stripper by profession, was the first woman to model the first example of a bikini designed by French engineer Louis Réard, who, as the story goes, named the creation after Bernardini who said upon seeing the swimsuit "Your swimsuit is going to be more explosive than the Bikini bomb", alluding to the nuclear tests being conducted at that time in the Marshall Islands at the Bikini Atoll.

Michelin Bernardini wearing a bikini

1957: Brigitte Bardot gives swimwear a boost

However, it was not until 1957 that the bikini was popularized thanks to the actress Brigitte Bardot, whose productions in Saint Tropez and Cannes and her role in the film And God Created Woman (1957) influenced the decision of hundreds of women to wear it.

Brigitte Bardot wearing a bikini

60's and 70's: Designs and materials that highlight feminine beauty.

The 60's were the years of the nylon that molded the woman's figure and the creation of the low rise, but a great change took place in the 70's when, thanks to the Italian Carlo Ficcardi, the Brazilian thong was invented in Brazil.

1990: Nostalgia revives the one-piece bathing suit

Thanks to Pamela Anderson and Yasmine Bleeth and their iconic roles in the Baywatch series, one-piece swimsuits were given a second chance, after the revolution in styles, colors and designs marked by the 80's; but now, with better materials that highlight the female figure.

21st Century: Reinventing historical styles

This century has been marked by the temporary appearance of swimsuits from different eras framed between the 50's and the 80's even going as far as making room again for the iconic one-piece suit from Baywatch. This ends our historical tour on this memorable day about one of the most important female wears.